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Lessons from successive pharma transformations back in the 2000s

Pet insurance is now the hottest employee benefit

More employers are adding the coverage, partly to appeal to millennials

FDA approves AspireAssist

New weight management tool raises questions about MedTech innovation

PetSmart partners with Universal

Any doubt that the pet industry is now a mainstream driver of our consumer economy?

J&J’s Unique Venture Ecosystem

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) recently made three important announcements that could feed the multi-faceted healthcare leader’s innovation pipeline for years to come. Find out what they were and learn more.

From Our Founder

From Our Founder

Growing a healthcare business in today’s world is a completely different ballgame, let alone doing it profitably. We believe there is a fundamental shift taking

DanaShift Services and Growth System

DanaShift Services and Growth System

Our work revolves around the growth imperative: delivering sustainable and profitable growth is what enables the organization to serve more customers, access resources, reinvest in innovation and renew itself.

Alexander Petersen | DanaShift

Alexander Petersen | DanaShift

Alexander is a global medical technology and consumer services executive, with experience as CEO and General Manager of growth businesses. He founded DanaShift with a vision to accelerate healthcare innovation.